My trip to tiree!

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The Long Journey to Tiree….

After an extensively long journey to Tiree I was exhausted... yet provided with a brief to design a height adjustable table for both horizontal and vertical projection in five days! Figured we should 'get cracking' and let the designing commence! Designing, developing and modelling the table to scale in such a short time frame was a challenge! However it really encouraged us to work efficiently in the time we had.

Although we had a short duration to complete our project, I found the evenings were a good time to wind down and get involved with some competitive games… the cereal box game, the perfect opportunity for competitiveness and pulling muscles. It provided me with the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and specialities in a relaxed setting. On completion of the work I couldn’t have suggested a better way to end the week other than to go surfing in attempt to catch some waves…eventually get out of my wet suit and head out for a curry.

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