The Hub Project

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The first project challenge of the year, to design a cycle hub for a location in Cardiff, fully justified and reasoned by our research findings…The outcome...

Our research presented that providing urban commuters with a safe, secure and sheltered cycle hub was key. Ethnography within Cardiff City Centre showed evidence of no sheltered cycle storage and very little variation into the types of cycle stands they chose to install, typically Sheffield stands. In regards to security we found that high footfall and well lit, open spaces acted as a good deterrence. The final design (seen above) is circular, preventing it being located in a secluded locations; there are two grades of security, the locker and the internal lock integrated stands both of which are activated through a app and QR activation (see below). More and more cyclists are involved with the cycle to work scheme, as a result more and more cyclists are spending more on their bicycles. So after spending a fair bit of money on higher quality, lightweight bicycle why would you want to carry several kilos of locks, d-locks, cable…so on so forth, this is the solution we came up with.

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