The refrigeration project observed the problems associated with poor organisation within existing camping refrigeration units and as a result how people felt restricted in what food types they choose to take. The project looked at how the cooling efficiency could be improved, how space could be fully utilised for optimum storage and how organisation could be implemented to reduce the risks associated with food waste and cross contamination.

The final design uses peltier thermoelectric cooling, a peltier device is a plate that has a hot and cold surface divided by a semiconductor. They are commonly used in refrigerators, the cold side cools and the hot side is fixed to a heat sink which dissipates the heat generated, this is why the back of the fridge gets hot. The way I improved the efficiency was to harness this wasted heat and put it to good use though warming water for washing and hot beverages.

  • Project | blEAT / Camping Refrigeration Unit
  • Skills | Research, Solidworks, Prototyping, User Testing
  • 3rd Year Undergraduate | 2013 / 2014