The Bumblebees are in a constant battle in foraging for pollen and nectar due to our ever-growing urban landscape that occupies what used to be rich wild-flower meadows. This explores ways in which a system could resolve the problems surrounding poor biodiversity and Bumblebee nesting sites. Garden spaces are some of the only spaces left with some biodiversity, and even so they aren’t being fully utilised and are quite frequently managed incorrectly.

This project set out to educate gardeners on how and what can be done within the garden space to encourage the declining Bumblebee. Although there are other vital pollinators, Bumblebees have a very specific habitat required for both nesting and foraging success. The system aims to provide both benefit to the Bumblebee species and the user, and through doing so encourage others and future generations to follow a continued interest in appreciating vital pollinating species.

  • Project | Let it bee | Bumblebee Conservation Project
  • Skills | Research, Ceramics, Mould making, Slip Casting
  • Project | 3rd Year Undergraduate | 2014