This was a redesign project based within the kitchen environment. The project involved choosing an existing kitchen appliance, redesigning it and producing a high quality facsimile model using Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing processes. The chosen brief was to explore ways in which complexity and parts could be reduced, whilst retaining a stylish piece of kitchenware that provided the necessary levels of precision and aesthetic qualities.

The final weighing scale design is based on Archimedes’ principle of water displacement. The clear inner is firstly filled up to the ‘fill line’, the piston is then placed into the guide ring and the bowl placed on top. The water that is displaced will then equal zero and the ingredients can be weighed.

This was a really enjoyable well rounded project that encouraged the development of a diverse range of skills from the initial research, concepts and test rigs through to model making and finishing processes.

  • Project | Water Displacement Kitchen Weighing Scales
  • Skills | Solidworks, CNC, modelmaking, finishing processes
  • Year | 2nd Year Undergraduate | 2013